Sally Derrick - Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD School Board Trustee

About Sally

Sally is a lifelong resident of CFB having grown up in Carrollton and moving to Farmers Branch nearly 20 years ago.

She and her husband Tony are the proud parents of two girls who both attend CFB schools. Addison is a 5th grader at Janie Stark Elementary and Emily is an 8th grader at Vivian Field Middle School.

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9 years

commitment to our CFBISD schools as a volunteer, leader and advocate

12 years

actively serving her local community on City Boards and Committees


member of Carrollton/Farmers Branch passionately advocating for stronger schools which equals stronger communities



I believe in public schools and the impact they have on our communities. As a school board member, I bring my passion and years of engagement to advocate for our students, staff and taxpayers to ensure that our entire community benefits from quality public schools.


comprehensive Program choices for all students

I believe that our public schools are facing many challenges today. This challenge brings a great opportunity for our district to shine by highlighting and continuing to develop existing comprehensive educational programming.

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Increase community support

As a school board member I work to increase community support through transparency and increased communication. I will start by challenging our local schools to reach out to their local leaders. We should invite the community, elected officials and business owners to get involved in our schools.

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Quality learning environment

We must ensure that all children are safe while at school. It is our responsibility as a district to take any preventative measures necessary to make our campuses safe. We should also focus on the facilities where our children learn each day.  We are currently completing a district-wide facility assessment, and as a board member my goal is to ensure that our decisions have a far reaching impact

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Fiscal Responsibility

I am a taxpayer in CFB and recognize the importance of knowing how my hard-earned dollars are being spent. I believe in fiscal transparency and believe that our taxpayers -- the stakeholders -- deserve this.

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